The Best Family Lawyers in Toronto

Are you going through a divorce or want to fight for your child’s custody or paternity? Or maybe wish to seek guidance and support for pre-nuptial agreements or adoption of a child or even orders of protection? Well, these are some of the many situations that a top family lawyer in Toronto deals with; however, what is more important here is to seek the right attorney’s support in order to combat your case in the best possible ways. A family is considered to be the greatest investment in one’s life, not just financially but also emotionally, spiritually and mentally. This is where the sensitivity to factual situations begins and so; there is an optimum need for one to find the right family law attorneys in order to deal with their legal complications. It all begins in the family and goes up to a pitfall of a seemingly endless issue if not dealt properly.

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Family Lawyer in Toronto Guide

Best Family Lawyers in Toronto: A Comprehensive Guide to Family Law and Hiring Attorneys

Types of Divorce:

A lawyer who specializes in family law and particularly divorce is known as divorce attorney. As every jurisdiction has different laws, a capable family attorney would help his/her clients become totally aware of their rights according to the applicable laws. In some case, getting a decree for divorce is possible without spending time and money in court. In several cases, divorce needs to be contested, specifically when the children and martial assets are involved. The attorney needs to be capable enough to represent their client in a way that the client does not get exploited by their spouse during the proceedings of the court.

Distribution of marital property and goods:

Couples who apply for divorce usually argue on how their marital property and other marital goods need to be distributed among both of them.

Custody of the child:

If the couple seeking divorce has children, they would need to also decide who will take the possession of the child and who would reside with the child and how child’s time is split between two parents. Most of the times, the couple is unable to decide who should get the primary custody of the child. If the couple doesn’t decide on the custodian of the child mutually, the divorce attorney would file a case in the court to try to get the custody of the child to his client. And then court would decide the custodian of the child keeping in mind the benefit of the child. If the primary custody is given to their client, then the attorney should calculate the payments for supporting the child and get it approved by the court.

Legal Separation or Annulment of Marriage:

Sometimes, the divorce lawyers need to handle a subject different than divorce such as legal separation or annulment of marriage.  In legal separation attorney would plead for situation where the couple would not be living together even though they would continue their marriage.  And the attorney also needs to take care of protection of material assets of the client during the period of separation. In Annulment of marriage case the attorney would try to prove that the marriage is invalid and never took place.

Hire a family law attorney who can make things better in bad situations!

When hiring a lawyer you need to make sure they are not only qualified accordingly but also experienced and competent enough to resolve the matter. To make the entire process bearable, hire a divorce lawyer who you can feel comfortable and talk about the personal and sensitive details you would need to share.

Hire someone who you can trust:

If you are hiring a lawyer for first time, seek help from friends, family and colleagues.  A divorce case usually needs sensitive and private information to be disclosed to help you with your case, so go for a lawyer recommended by people you trust, so you can trust the lawyer.

Hire a lawyer who can make the ugly situation better:

Making things peaceful or less ugly is really unpleasant for many inexperienced lawyers in divorce cases, as most people are not ready to face this situation. Unpleasant words and immature behavior can make things more awkward and uncomfortable for the parties involved and their family and friends around them. Hiring a professional who can fix such unpleasant and ugly situations and create settlements in agreement with both parties makes the whole divorce process much easier and smoother.

Create a calm environment for children:

When children are involved in divorce case, the situation can become very messy as couples spend lots of money and time to decide who would have custody of child of the divorce. But most of the times, the benefit of children is forgotten. An experienced law attorney uses their expertise in such situations and share their past experiences with the parties involved to help them decide what would be the best for children. Children face the consequences of messy divorce when their parents can no longer get along or stay with each other and sometimes even end up creating tense situations for them. The best solution for this might be to get a divorce as children should not grow up seeing such things. An experienced family attorney can advise how to go through this tough face by keeping a peaceful environment for children.

Ask appropriate question while hiring a family law attorney:

Avoid asking the lawyer about his track record. Hire someone who can assure to help you deal the situation with dignity by causing minimal trauma to everyone involved. Ask the attorney if he can really meet your need and handle your case. Give a brief history of the case to the lawyer and ask the questions you need answers to. This will help you focus on the important issues of the case and save your time and the lawyer’s time.

Avoid lawyers incapable for your case:

While you will get various tips on how to hire the right lawyer, you should also know when you should strike out someone from your list.  For example, if you notice that the lawyer is disclosing personal information about his previous clients, there are chances he would do the same with you. And if they don’t talk right about the other lawyers you are considering, they wouldn’t respect you as well.

Pick the right family law attorney!

Deciding to speak to a family law attorney is a really tough decision. But to know whom to hire when you need legal advice is even tougher. Lots of people hire their first family law attorney without knowing how to hire the right one and finally end up being unhappy and dissatisfied with the final outcome. Therefore you need to know that you can’t just hire any family law attorney.  The relationship shared between the client and the attorney is very personal as the information you share with them is sensitive and very delicate. As these cases deal with marriages and children, the matter is extremely personal and if you think you can’t speak out everything with your attorney, look for a new one who will make you comfortable and understand your situation. Also, check with them if they have handled cases similar to your case.

Consider the below factors before you hire a family law attorney:


A family lawyer Toronto needs to be aggressive enough and be able to go after what you need when dealing with dissolution of the marriage and child custody. When you visit them in your first consultation appointment as them how they would represent you in the court. If they answer with confidence and are sure about what they are talking and have enough experience, knowledge and determination, then consider them. Don’t hire someone who is not sure about what they would do, and are not sure that they can give you the outcome you want.


While you might be dealing with issues such as dissolving your marriage contract, ensure the attorney is compassionate to both the parties. The lawyer must be able to represent you by keeping a compassionate view about everyone involved, your partner and family members.


Hire someone who is available to handle all the specific details of your case. A lot of firms would ask you to wait for several days or weeks when you call them for consultation. And if they postpone your consultation, understand that they won’t be able to give you enough time and they are busy dealing with other cases and won’t be able to put in their best for your case. So hire someone who has time for you and the money that you are going to spend.


Compare the law firms that have experience in handling child custody, trust funds and divorce cases and see which firms have been able to get the positive outcome for their clients. Hire someone who is able to handle various types of family law matters so they are prepared no matter what comes up in your case.


While you would wish to able to hire the best family attorney, you need to make sure you hire someone who is affordable as legal representation can get really expensive. While some law firms may give you various options and offers on payment, some would even be ready to postpone the payment till the end of case as the other party could be responsible for your legal expenses. Make sure this is discussed in the first meeting and don’t hire a firm if you can’t afford it. Look for other options.


Try to find someone who is close to your location, as you might need to meet them very often and keep them updated about the latest developments in the case. You might need to drop off various documents with them.

Use these tips and hire a reputable family law attorney. Take help from your friends and colleagues if they have gone through similar situation as you are in.

Going through a rough phase in the family can certainly take your heart out at times. One tends to suffer from emotional trauma and the turmoil seems to take a toll over the family entirely. This is where family lawyers come into picture and give their unsurpassed support and counsel to deal with such dire situations.

Tips to Hire an Efficient Family Lawyer

A family attorney is one who deals with the traumatic circumstances in your family and finds the best way out. He or she practices the civil law and possesses optimum knowledge and understanding of the family law. However, there are many intricacies of comprehension information that the attorney should possess in order to deal with extreme case scenarios. Here are a few tips to find efficient Toronto family law attorneys who can give you the paramount shore up in any situation –

  • Always verify certain details of the attorney before you make your mind up –
    • Market reputation
    • Track record of past cases
    • familiarity and proficiency
    • References if any
    • License to practice family law
  • A trustworthy attorney will furnish all the above information without any speck of doubt in a jiffy.
  • Ensure that the attorney has the precise amount of knowledge and expertise that is required to deal with a responsive family law case.
  • He or she should also possess knowledge on Parental Alienation. This is a vital aspect that comes into picture if you need an attorney to deal with child custody.
  • He or she should have the ability to resolve any conflicts at a faster pace without use of any adverse tactics, amicably.
  • A veteran lawyer will also possess the awareness about collaboration law. This is a scenario where both the parties come to an agreement or a binding contract which allows them to use cooperative strategies in order to deal with the case scenario.

Finding the right family lawyer Toronto is not an arduous task but one that encompasses the need to understand the sensitivity of the issue alongside dealing it without any prolonging attitude, and Canadian law is unique. It is always suggestive to fix up an appointment with the family attorney to get a better understanding of what you can expect your situational result to be.